La Palladiana - Progettazione pavimenti residenziali e commerciali in marmo



La Palladiana

Design and tecnical support

La Palladiana offers its clients a complete service

starting from precise and accurate estimates for the work, to the study of a draft and final project, tackling every choice and criticality, with adequate materials, finishing and laying.

Every job is thoroughly studied and planned correctly from the very beginning in order to obtain a precise end-result that meets the client's expectations.
In order to tackle projects of every kind La Palladiana avails of an architect-designer with experience of the processes in the marble sector.

la palladiana can provide initial consultancy for addressing the client's requests in accordance with their expectations and taste in the selection of material for satisfying the requirements in terms of utility, functionality, solidity and aesthetic quality.

On request la palladiana can send members of its own personnel to view every type of operation: floors, external and internal facings, stairs and particular finishing operations in order to assess the various possible solutions on site and develop every construction and laying details along with the client.

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